Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'll be moving in to a huge warehouse in Fishtown with about eight of my friends in a few weeks. We're in the process of cleaning it up now and making it livable. It has a ton of potential and I'm really excited to watch it grow and really become something. First step after moving in, setting up a print shop and dark room. Neat. Mike will be building a small recording studio out of his room and we'll hopefully be able to start putting together some shows. Neat. Here are some "before" pictures:

on the roof
creepy old photos we found in some drifter's luggage
view from the main corridor to the second half of the upstairs.  note: blast door
living room
my bathroom
view of my bedroom
down the front hallway in front of my bedroom
vip staircase
large room from hallway
two bathrooms of three
main corridor.  this is where we're going to set up our "studio" spaces and etc
"party" room
a locker room!
part of our "yard"
view of center city
the first floor.  they're putting a produce/deli in part of this.  yum!

back door and elevator shaft

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  1. Great site. Love seeing cool printwork and art here.

    And I think one of those photos you found is really Steve Carell in a turban.