Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cool Stuff!

Just thought I'd take a second and share a couple of neat links with you, dear reader.

-get your own custom patterns printed on fabric. I'm not sure what the average price of fabric per square yard is, but it seems affordable. I'm thinking I might make some pillows of my cat pattern for the punk rock flea market this summer.

and also, Pinball Publishing
-get your own custom moleskins and more. Neat!

Monday, May 18, 2009

4000 flavors and web update

Firstly, I added five new pieces from the last semester to my website. Check it out!

Also, last night was the release party for the fourth volume of 4000 flavors, a zine my friend Sean has been steadily pumping out. I've got two pieces in the latest issue.

4000flavors.blogspot.com for more info or to order previous issues.

Despite being cut short before Buffalo Stance could play, the release party was awesome. I highly recommend doing yourself a favor and checking out Javelin, Chandeliers and/or Skeleton Breath.

Portfolio Day is tomorrow and then graduation on Thursday. Get psyched!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So close I Can Taste It

Last night, after an all day print-a-thon, I essentially finished all the work I have to do as a college student. I officially finish on Thursday, and I still need to assemble my book/portfolio, but man, does it feel good to be "done"

Speaking of my book, I stitched together my first one, to present to my teacher, and I'm extremely impressed with myself. Sure some of the registration is off and I botched some of the printing, but holding the final object in my hands, after laboring and staring at it for the last two months, felt... great.

Finished project aside, the whole experience was extremely rewarding, despite the work. Printing was a great release and escape from my work on the seventh floor. For the first time in awhile (ever?) I really feel like I'm walking away from a "class" having truly learned something. Sure I made mistakes, but I impressed myself with my print quality and efficiency. I'm a much more confident printer than I ever was and that's great, considering it's something I'd like to continue doing after college, for financial gains.

This project also got me extremely excited about making books. I've already got ideas for my next one. More on that later. Hopefully, it will be my summer pet project...

The only downside is that two months of pretty intense printing have WRECKED my screens. I need to do some major screen maintenance/dehazing. I'm pretty sure the only screen without a tear in it now is the piece of crap I bought back in high school. Go figure. I think I might just consider getting them all restretched it it's not too expensive.

I wish I would have taken some in progress shots, but alas, hindsight is twenty/twenty. Pictures of the final to come as soon as I finish assembling them! In the meantime, please enjoy this revised/digital version of my Phillies' Riot print.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal

A few years ago, while driving underground on our way out of the Philadelphia, a friend of mine and I began discussing the city's attempts at removing the graffiti from the tunnels and how painting over it was merely anti-graffiti graffiti.  We came to the conclusion that we could easily go around painting colored squares on walls as our "tag", and no one would know the difference.

Fast forward to last semester, when I stumbled across this short film by Matt McCormick.  It's called the Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal and does a much better job than I did at analyzing the same anti-graffiti efforts.  

Taken from his website, the plot is described as "Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists who are unconscious of their artistic achievements.

It is no coincidence that funding for “anti-graffiti” campaigns often outweighs funding for the arts. Graffiti removal has subverted the common obstacles blocking creative expression and become one of the more intriguing and important art movements of our time. Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists who are unconscious of their artistic achievements."

Anyway, his theory is really interesting to me and I think the documentary is worth watching, so I figured I'd dig it back up and post it for everybody that wasn't aware.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ely 2009!!!

As the semester winds down and I prepare to graduate, I can't help but feel that these last two weeks are more brutal than the past seven semesters have been.  The increasingly nicer weather has proven to be a welcome/unfortunate distraction from my work.  I  say keep the April Showers around, at least until I'm caught up.

On the subject of avoiding my responsibilities, I've decided to take a break from painting and finally get around to putting up pictures from our thesis show.  Sometimes, the best way to get something done that you've been putting off is to have something you want to do even less.

A few from the hanging (thanks to the various people I stole these from on Facebook):

Believe it or not, this was my good side!


And from the show (thanks to my mother!)

A few of my pieces in action

and last but not least, my two favorite redheads.  
That's also probably my sixth diet coke.


Anyway, back to work, I suppose.  Website update coming soon (ie: the next time I don't want to do something else)