Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So close I Can Taste It

Last night, after an all day print-a-thon, I essentially finished all the work I have to do as a college student. I officially finish on Thursday, and I still need to assemble my book/portfolio, but man, does it feel good to be "done"

Speaking of my book, I stitched together my first one, to present to my teacher, and I'm extremely impressed with myself. Sure some of the registration is off and I botched some of the printing, but holding the final object in my hands, after laboring and staring at it for the last two months, felt... great.

Finished project aside, the whole experience was extremely rewarding, despite the work. Printing was a great release and escape from my work on the seventh floor. For the first time in awhile (ever?) I really feel like I'm walking away from a "class" having truly learned something. Sure I made mistakes, but I impressed myself with my print quality and efficiency. I'm a much more confident printer than I ever was and that's great, considering it's something I'd like to continue doing after college, for financial gains.

This project also got me extremely excited about making books. I've already got ideas for my next one. More on that later. Hopefully, it will be my summer pet project...

The only downside is that two months of pretty intense printing have WRECKED my screens. I need to do some major screen maintenance/dehazing. I'm pretty sure the only screen without a tear in it now is the piece of crap I bought back in high school. Go figure. I think I might just consider getting them all restretched it it's not too expensive.

I wish I would have taken some in progress shots, but alas, hindsight is twenty/twenty. Pictures of the final to come as soon as I finish assembling them! In the meantime, please enjoy this revised/digital version of my Phillies' Riot print.

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