Monday, June 15, 2009

Please Dont Hit Me With Your Boat!

ManaTEES now available on my etsy!

Also, just ordered a yard of cat fabric from Spoonflower. Stay tuned as I try to learn to sew!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Etsy Update

I just restocked my etsy with some old and new stuff, after letting it lay unattended for so long (whoops again).

Also, I finally have a profile on illustrationmundo. Sweet.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go pick up my diploma because I just realized I totally forgot to do that.

Independent Study Project

I took an Independent Study this past semester with my screenprinting teacher, Marisha Simons, and made this book. It is 9 spreads (20 pages total) printed front and back, 5 colors, in an edition of 30 on French's paper. The title was printed with a linoleum block, in two runs, because I didn't like the original M, and it was an afterthought (whoops). It was more work than anything else I'd done the entire year, but I feel like I learned more by doing it than anything else I've done all year. Enjoy. Select copies will soon be available for sale on my etsy and at the Punk Rock Flea Market(July 10),so check back soon!