Friday, July 17, 2009

Stranded in Lebanon

For those of you unaware, I just recently spent ten days living in a Walmart parking lot in central PA, where I sold fireworks with two of my friends. Long story short, it was an extremely interesting experience and completely worthwhile. I definitely built a lot of character in the week and a half and came away with some good stories, among other things.

I bought one of those recycled paper brown sketchbooks that I've heard so much about. I really liked drawing in it. These are a few of the people I met while I was working for the man:

A couple days in, my bank canceled my debit card without warning me because someone lifted my numbers from the Walmart. Jose and I had to drive almost two hours the following day to get to my nearest bank, so I'd have more than two dollars for the rest of the "trip". We got lost a few times and stopped in on a townie bar to get directions. These people were super helpful. The tall guy had no lower jaw, but his moustache did a good job of obscuring it.

There are a lot of pregnant people in the suburbs.

These guys were great. They were having a party on Saturday night and invited us to come hang out. They also promised us "tons of pussy" and tried to sell us a variety of drugs, if we were interested.

This guy let us try these new poppers he bought in the Poconos. They were pretty awesome. I think he was trying to sell them to us, but we were too oblivious.

This woman sold fireworks before and assured us that we'd make a killing and gave us tips on how to rip off customers on the fourth(we didn't). She also set off some of the fireworks she bought in the parking lot after leaving. Yay!

Anyway, I'll be updating more frequently again, now that I'm back in civilization, so make sure to check back! Time to get back to addressing my promo mailers! Yay!

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  1. love these sketches, and envy your experience here. Sounds like loads of fun, creepy and otherwise.