Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nose Go Toy Release at Jinxed

Sorry for the lack of updates, internet, but we just got the web in our new place.

I was asked to do a custom version of Nose's vinyl toy for it's release show at the new Jinxed the other week. The show was awesome, as was the turnout. I wish I grabbed some pictures of the opening, but here are a few pictures of my version:

In other news, things at Sire Press have been going well. If you're looking to get dvds or cds pressed, check them out! Put in my name as the discount code to get a discount! I've also been helping my friend, Greg Pizzoli, with his screenprinting class at Uarts. It's been great so far. He recently curated a show at Space 1026 this past month that was incredible. Over 400 Seripop poster. It should still be up, so if you haven't... Check it out!!

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